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Smiley Official site: Stay informed by joining our newsletter. So why not make a blog of yourself and become an expert movie reviewer. You get party packs provided to you for free. What makes this especially attractive is that you can even use one of those free blog sites like Blogger or WordPress.

You can read his story here. Now, it's getting more serious: You might get a good deal someday but nothing at all the next day. You can choose from categories like software, electronics, hotels, restaurants, books, clothes and more. All you need to do is to sign up for an account and post your articles related to different domains, including movie reviews under the review section.

This company will send you free stuff, and all you need to do is give your feedback. You register your blog and the advertisers select the blogs whom they want to review their products, services, websites, etc. The website shares half of its generated revenue from its advertisements with the reviewers.

That said, as I always say, its best to always do your own research before joining any site. This is a great time to put a benefit ie. They suggest writing detailed reviews if you want to succeed.

I tried to do three restaurants and two services a week from all of my accounts, but most weeks only managed two in total. You can also sign up as an advertiser to promote your website.

Hi did finally get paid, but according to Dean, it was only half of what they actually owed him.

3 legitimate ways to make money online

The title should tell the reader what the page is about. Many sites built to promote Amazon products end up making very little money.

How To Make Money Doing Product Reviews

In it, he pointed out to a few of his posts where he argues that this company refused to pay him for his work until he took the fight to social media and basically tried to put their reputation on the line hoping they would pay him.

You might find out to the tune of a five-figure lawsuit why it's a bad idea to complain about your hotel online. It is free anyway. Update Unfortunately, many of the sites mentioned in our original post no longer offer paid review opportunities. Satrap says Thanks for pointing that out, Puneet.

Yahoo Voices formerly Associated Content YV, as I mentioned in a recent post about websites that pay you to writeis a site where you can make decent money by writing articles. How to Get paid to write a movie review.

Do you have any favorite movie review sites that pay for reviews. However, I would recommend starting a blog by getting a domain website address and hosting.

Learning How to Write a Movie Review Online When it comes to writing and publishing online, movie reviews couldn’t be simpler. There’s certainly a general format that you’ll want to develop and follow when writing movie reviews.

Want to make money while working on classic TV shows, modern movies, educational videos, and more? is the best place to find freelance work online. Work from home jobs and ways to make money online. Scam-free! Home; Newest Jobs; This post may contain affiliate links.

Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. 5 Sites That Will Pay You to Write About TV & Movies. By Anna T. Share ; Tweet; Pin ; movie, and gaming writers. ScreenRant usually requires that. I am not sure if you can make living writing movie reviews but you could make some money by making creative content about movies.

For instance, honest trailers makes fun of movies and games and it is very popular. Film Theorist discusses about wha.

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Here are some of the best websites where you can make money writing reviews on all kinds of products, from books, movies, and music to clothes, electronics, food, software, and everything in between.

1. Would you like to know how to make money doing product reviews? I do this all the time and in this post I outline exactly how you can do product reviews and make some cash.

Ever searched for reviews about a particular product online? A movie perhaps? Getting People to Read Your Reviews. So you’ve finished writing your reviews and now.

Make Money by Watching Movies and Writing Reviews Make money writing movie reviews
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